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Just a thanks post!

*sniff* my camera is still dead, and in Jersey.. so here are some old ones, but good ones.

Image hosted by
Pink hair is love.

Image hosted by
You're jelous. Admit it.

Image hosted by
The kid I'm going to the Holiday Ball with next weekend.

Image hosted by
His Brother. AKA the guy I like, but doesn't get it.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
the dress I'm wearing to said Ball.

Image hosted by
Me and my mom could kick you and your mom's ass.

Image hosted by
Mask I'll be wearing in Cos when doing acrylics in April *I loooove nails and cannot wait*
Hello Kitty is major love.

Image hosted by
I have about 15 pictures, all with that same theme. Red bull-- my drug of choice.

oh! and promos!
one here

and one here!

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yay thanks for promoting!:)
pretty dress and you look lovily with your bangs back.
and thanks!!
why no problem at all!:)
that is a cute dress!!! ^___^
and your mumma looks like nice... I bet she used to let you hang out till late! xD